31-3 Money Gone For...

H&M new summer collection!
You can see the result of my attempt to buy crazy bright colors clothes    (form now on CBCC)!
I think I got closer to a good grade with the Yellow-can'tSeeAnyMore- tshirt.
Unfortunately I have to warn you that the Going Banana nail-polish color is WEAK! I do not suggest you to spend your money on it! I wish I could bring it back... What can I do with it now? 
Are there DIY that involves yellow nail-polish that you are aware of?




☞ A book recommendation

Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human CadaversStiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Really interesting and fascinating!! In case you want to know what happens after death and in between.

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18-03 Money Gone For...

I never shop in this store before but from now on it will be on my top list!
I did a pretty good job trying to buy  BRIGHT color clothes like the trend that is going on right now... I almost did it until the black skirt got in my way.... 
However these blazers will compete with the Carine Roitfeld ones...don't you think?



Money For Movies

Blend in with RANGO!!

I like animated movies alot but I was impressed by the result especially on all the animals. They look almost creepy! I swear if I was a kiddo they would have shocked me. They looked incredibly real.
The plot was simple and somewhat predictable.
I do suggest it☺

Have you seen any good movies lately?



8-03 Money Gone For...

Catching up with summer shopping. One of the trends colors I'm sure it will be trendy is:


This H&M heart-shaped bracelet and nail polish work perfectly for my purpose.
The green label shows that it's a recycle product: Go Green!
Stunning is the low price of the nail-polish, just 0.95 € and lasts alot.


4-03 Money Gone For...

Hair Hair Hair.
Whenever, wherever I want to have fair good hair!
Especially since I have a lion's mane! 

Taking care of em consist in buying totally awesome products as this oil:


Best smell ever.

When I went on their website I even found out a sweet thing:


Nowadays is hard to find companies that CARE about other things outside themselves!
So both thumbs up! 

Did you ever tried this product before?
How do you feel about companies that refuse to test their products on animals?